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Apple iPhone SE 3 specs: 6GB RAM, 24MP camera, Price!

Apple iPhone SE 3

Apple iPhone SE 3 specs: 6GB RAM, 24MP camera, Price! The iPhone SE 3 is one of tech’s ‘will it, won’t it’ stories, as rumors have alternated between saying it definitely does, then definitely doesn’t, exist, and currently the meter points to it possibly being alive, but probably landing until 2019. The iPhone SE 3 would be a ‘true’ budget alternative to the high-end iPhones, more so than the iPhone XR was, with downgraded specs from other devices but with a much lower price tag too. In details, the new iPhone SE 3 handset is going to receive more upgraded than its predecessor SE 3.

Apple iPhone SE 3

Release date and Price:

The iPhone SE 3, if it ever launches, has current rumors pointing to a Spring’ 2019 ending. While we would take this with a pinch of salt for now, not least because we haven’t heard much about an iPhone SE 3 recently, it would make sense for Apple to launch one in the at the end of the year. In terms of pricing, if we do see an iPhone SE 3 launch, it will likely remain Apple’s most affordable iPhone. Apple iPhone SE 2019 price can fall around $450. We’d expect the iPhone SE 3 to cost at least as much, and a price rise is likely, but it should still be cheap relative to the rest of Apple’s range.

iPhone SE 3 specs!

In details, regarding the display, the upcoming iPhone SE 3 is going to pack a large 6.1-inches Super IPS LCD with a resolution of 1242 x 2688 pixels. Notably, the Face Scanner feature might also make its appearance in the lineup this time! Additionally, Apple isn’t ready to say goodbye to the notch trend yet.

In details, we can see that the iPhone SE 3 model still retains the quite large notch. About the battery box, The iPhone SE 3 battery draws a small 2100mAh capacity. Besides, this iPhone SE 3 phone comes with a gorgeous design and fantastic specs.

Apple iPhone SE 3

On the other hand, this iPhone reportedly should come with a better photography system than its brother. In details, Apple iPhone SE 3 camera sports a 24MP primary snapper and a 1.5MP selfie shooter.

As for the storage, the iPhone is going to arrive with up to 6GB RAM and different ROM options: 32GB/64GB/128GB/256GB (no card slot). Under the hood, it can run on the latest Apple Bionic A13 chipset with iOS 13 version.

Finally, there is a high chance that Apple is going to surprise us with a dual-SIM variant of this iPhone. The iPhone SE has a headphone jack and we’d very much like it if Apple kept things in place for the iPhone SE 3. And, Are you exciting for this new flagship debut? Do you want to purchase this iPhone? Drop us a comment section below and Share your opinion with us!

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