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New (2024) OLED iPad Pro Release Date, Price, Leaked Features & Full Specs

2024 OLED iPad Pro Rumors – Release Date, Price & Full Specs! The highly anticipated Apple New iPad Pro 2024 is set to debut soon in USA, and tech enthusiasts are excitedly buzzing. Soon, Apple’s newest mobile phone will shake the world. An overwhelming number of people use Apple smartphones. The new phone is great and powerful. The Marginal increase in raw performance, however, the iPad Pro (2022) remains largely unexceptional. It is, above all, a refinement of an already excellent device and an incremental update at best.

The 2024 iPad Pro will very likely run on Apple’s M3 chip, which is already rumored to power the next series of MacBooks and an updated Mac Mini. If you are looking for a new smartphone, then the Apple iPad Pro 2024 is perfect for you. Read the rest of this article to find out more about the iPad Pro’s release date, price, and more.

2024 OLED iPad Pro Key Features:

As we go through the features of the OLED iPad Pro, we can see that Apple has added a wide variety of features to this model. Details about these features have been attached below.

Some people like big iPads, and if you’re one of those people, the OLED iPad Pro is a treat for you. It boasts a 12.9-inch model and will grow to 13 inches, but the 11-inch version isn’t expected to get any larger. Rumors of new OLED iPad Pros have been around for months and the new displays could be the biggest change beyond that new M3 chip. The benefits of an OLED iPad Pro include improvements to battery life, potentially thinner and lighter tablets, and improved contrast and color reproduction.

The battery is another impressive feature of this device. It includes a massive 4350mAh non-removable battery that will power the phone to stay active for 35-40 hours. Once you charge it, it will last all day long. So this is a very appealing feature of the phone.

iPad Pros come with 8GB today, with that increasing to 16GB on the 1TB and 2TB models. We’d expect a similar split with the 2024 models as well.

Apple has yet to confirm anything about the new M3 chips but it’s expected that they will feature eight CPU cores and 10 GPU cores, just like the M2. It’ll be built on a new 3nm manufacturing process from TSMC.

2024 OLED iPad Pro

2024 OLED iPad Pro Release Date:

The official information about the 2024 OLED iPad Pro has not been released yet. Fortunately, for eager consumers, it has been extensively rumored that Apple will be releasing new iPad Pro models with OLED displays in 2024. See also: Apple IDot 2023

Below are the previous launch dates:

Generation Date
1st-generation: November 11, 2015
2nd-generation: June 13, 2017
3rd-generation: November 7, 2018
4th-generation: March 25, 2020
5th-generation: May 21, 2022
6th-generation: October 26, 2022

2024 OLED iPad Pro Price:

The price of the 2024 OLED iPad Pro is not easy to say. Somehow we wrote about the price of this amazing iPad, but it is not the real price. We expect that Apple’s new tablets could $1,500 USD in the USA due to the new display technology they will use. At present 11-inch model starts at $799 while the 12.9-inch version starts at $1,099 USD in the USA.

In Conclusion: Do you want to own this Apple’s upcoming flagship phone, the iPad Pro? Let us know in the comment section!

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