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New 2026 Tesla Model 2: Official Price, Release Date, Engine & Interior

New 2026 Tesla Model 2: Official Price, Release Date, Engine & Interior In a world of ceaseless innovation, Tesla Model 2 car is probably the best-known name for Tesla’s rumored and highly-anticipated compact EV. Tesla fans and enthusiasts a variety of names, such as “Model 2,” “Model Q,” and “Model C,” spread on the internet due to the excitement. Tesla’s commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering top-notch cars remains unwavering. Get ready to witness the future in action as we embark on this thrilling journey together.

The Model 2 will not be produced during the 2021 annual shareholder meeting of Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed. The Model 2 isn’t a car. It doesn’t exist. Musk said this verbatim.

Tesla Model 2 Design, Battery, Range:

According to early sketches and teasing pictures from the American EV maker, the Tesla Tiny EV will be a crossover SUV smaller, shorter, and narrower than the present Tesla Model Y.

Tesla’s upcoming compact electric vehicle will feature a 53-kWh battery pack, according to the Tesla Master Plan Part 3 presentation. Based on the current Tesla Model 3 base trim, the battery pack has a capacity of 50.4 kWh.

It is expected that Tesla’s compact EV will have a range of 300 miles and a fuel economy rating of 140+ MPGe, depending on the production model’s size and weight. The base model of the 2023 Tesla Model 3 is estimated to have a range of 272 miles and a fuel economy rating of 132 miles per gallon equivalent.

When will the Tesla Model 2 come out?

Musk teased one of the two products Tesla is currently building at Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting in 2023. In the teaser image, we see what appears to be the side profile silhouette of a vehicle that looks nothing like a passenger van or a bus, probably the Tesla compact electric vehicle.

Tesla Model Q, Model C, Model 2, or whatever Elon Musk calls the company’s upcoming compact EV – may be unveiled mid-2024 before the annual shareholders meeting according to Elon Musk’s official announcements and teasers. The Tesla compact EV could launch by mid-2026 if the design is revealed. However, it is Tesla. This prediction is not to be held to.

2026 Tesla Model 2

Tesla Model 2 Price:

A $25,000 USD in the USA Tesla could be possible in 2018 Elon Musk suggested. Fans of Tesla and electric vehicles have kept this price in their minds ever since. The COVID-19 outbreak and ensuing global recession happened before Musk made his statement. Considering what has happened recently, it wouldn’t be strange if the future Tesla tiny EV began at roughly $30,000 USD in the USA.

Tesla Cybertruck, for instance, was initially priced below $40,000 USD in the USA. The Tesla website no longer displays this low starting price for the Cybertruck. Tesla’s cheapest model, the Model 3 2023, starts at $40,240 USD in the USA today. Model 3’s compact size would not make sense to price it higher than Cybertruck’s more extensive and robust size. It is still possible, however, to expect the $25,000 USD in the USA Tesla compact electric vehicle to arrive soon.

Final Thoughts:

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