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DJI Mini 4 Pro: Release Date, Price, Feature & Specs

New 2024 DJI Mini 4 Pro: Release Date, Price, Feature & Specs Are you tired of carrying around a huge drone that’s difficult to use and takes up a lot of space? Well, it’s time to switch to DJI Mini 4 Pro, the next model in the mini-series of drones. This new drone is the smallest and most convenient drone on the market, and it’s perfect for people who are always on the go. Plus, it has tons of amazing features that make it an incredibly powerful tool.

In this blog post, we will outline the specifications of the DJI Mini 4 Pro and shed some light on when it is likely to be released, read on for the full scoop.

DJI Mini 4 Pro Key Features:

There is no official information or leak regarding the new drone, so the following specs & Features are purely speculation. Despite the fact that most are reasonable it may seem far-fetched for some of these predictions.

However, take a closer We will look at the new Mini 4 Pro drone.

DJI Mini 4 Pro Camera, Battery & Flight Performance:

To improve low-light performance and image quality, DJI New Mini 4 could come with a larger 1-inch sensor. Aerial photography can be more professionally performed with the Mini 4, and its market can expand beyond hobbyists. Even though this might have a negative impact on Air sales, DJI may have to create value in some other way for the Air series.

Each new DJI release should have better flight performance and a huge battery. With a weight restriction of under 250g, beating the Mini 3’s 30+ minutes of flight time will be tough.

Battery capacity improves every year, so getting a little more juice without taking up more space is possible. You can also extend flight time by making your motors and props more efficient. When the new Mini 4 Pro comes out in 2024, I’d expect a flight time of 37 – 40 minutes.

DJI Mini 4 Pro Improved Obstacle Avoidance:

With the Mini 3, you don’t have to worry about hitting obstacles in three directions, which makes flying socially in tight areas like forests relatively safe for beginners. It could be even safer and easier to fly with more advanced obstacle detection and avoidance systems. In this way, the Mini 4 would be more competitive. It’s hard to imagine an omnidirectional system, but it’s not impossible.

When is the DJI Mini 4 Pro coming out?

DJI’s Mini 4 Pro launch date isn’t official yet, but we can speculate about when it will be released based on the DJI product release history.

DJI Mini 4 Pro

DJI Mini 4 Pro Release Date:

As per the leaks and rumors, the expected release date for this cutting-edge DJI Mini 4 Pro is set to be Nov 2023 and May 2024. There is no confirmation from DJI about this news. So we have to wait for DJI to confirm it.

DJI does not release products annually like American consumer companies GoPro and Apple.

They don’t release regular products, but they do so in the spring and fall. The previous DJI Mini models were released on the following dates:

DJI Mini Model Release Date
DJI Mavic Mini October 30, 2019
DJI Mini 2 November 4, 2020
DJI Mini 3 Pro May 10, 2022

DJI Mini 4 Pro ActiveTrack

It is important to note that the Mini line is missing two key features: Follow Me and ActiveTrack.

The official DJI Fly app should include these features, even though third-party alternatives have done so via workarounds. With the DJI Mini 4, DJI will be able to introduce ActiveTrack, allowing it to follow subjects as they move automatically.


The advantage of this would be that novice pilots could capture dynamic footage more efficiently and quickly. If you have any suggestions for additions and improvements or want to know more about the DJI Mini 4 Specs, Price, and Release Date let us know.

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