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Nokia Dragon 6G (2024): Release Date, Price, Feature & Specification

Nokia Dragon 6G

Nokia Dragon 6G 2024 Flagship: Release Date, Price, Feature & Specification! So, this is fantastic news for Nokia smartphone fans. Recently, the Finnish firm is preparing to introduce a new monster, named Nokia Dragon 6G with its superb design, impressive specs, and seamless 6G connectivity. As a Nokia enthusiast, certainly, you are very much amazed, right? Every time, this smartphone company comes with an extraordinary flagship. Some models are exclusively superb. This model is one of them.

Model: Nokia Dragon 6G 2024
Status: Rumoured
Colors: Black, Red, White, & Blue
Release date: Early this year, 2024
Price: ₹52,999
Variant: 12/16/18GB & 256/512GB
Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 9 Gen 2 6G
Battery: Li-Po 8800 mAh

In this article, we will try to cover you up with the price, specs, and release date of this upcoming smartphone. So, keep reading to know about the upcoming Nokia Dragon 6G the cameras, processor, display, and many more.

Nokia Dragon 2024 6G Smartphone Review:

Nokia Dragon 2024 6G, a new flagship, will be unveiled shortly with cutting-edge technologies. According to our reliable source, Nokia Dragon can see the daylight by early next year 2024. Is the Nokia Dragon 2024 still a good buy? Yes, you are aware that Nokia is a globally recognised brand.

Nokia Dragon 2024 6G Specs, Features


Let’s have a look at the display first. Nokia Dragon 6G, features a 7.0″inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen with a resolution of 8K pixels, which is perfect for watching movies, videos, or pictures. Aside from that, the screen on the “Dragon 2024 6G” has Gorilla Glass 8 protection on top of it, which makes sure that it doesn’t get damaged. There is another great news for the fans also. The phone will feature “Always On” mode. Which can be very effective for a heavy user.


This phone has a robust battery and a fast charger. In Nokia Dragon 2024, a 8800 mAh Li-Polymer battery has been used. The battery is huge and durable, which is great if your phone dies often. The fast-charging system also makes it easy to charge the battery quickly. The company claims that after one full charge it can run up to 40 hours.

Camera Particulars:

Nokia Dragon 2024 6G camera packs quad cameras on the rear. The star of the show is the 200MP + 108MP + 64MP + 25MP snappers. At the front-facing, this device offers a single 50MP lens for taking selfies and video calls and taking high–quality selfie work that can be done easily with the camera on the phone. All other necessary features like Zeiss Optics, Panorama, HDR, LED, etc. will also be available as well.


Nokia is now focusing more on RAM and ROM, as well as the ability to expand the phone’s capacity. It comes with 12GB/ 16GB/ 18GB of RAM, which is more than its predecessor. It’s also available in two storage variants: 256GB/ 512GB. Unfortunately, the new Nokia smartphone doesn’t have a MicroSD card to expand the storage.

Operating system:

Nokia Dragon 2024 comes with the Snapdragon 9 Gen 2 6G Mobile Platform under the hood. Without a high-performing processor, devices are not that popular these days. So, to compete in the market, Nokia must provide a high-end chipset in their phone. And Nokia didn’t compromise here at all. Also, the phone comes with Android 15 as the operating system.

Other Info:

It has all the latest sensors, including fingerprint, face ID, gyro, proximity, barometer, etc. Which are the most common sensors, must be available in the device. Water and Dustproof may be seen but not sure though. Audio jack and noise cancellation may add another dimension to Nokia Dragon 2024 6G.

Nokia Dragon 6G

Nokia Dragon 2024 6G Price:

The Nokia Dragon is set to offer a blend of innovation and affordability, the Nokia Dragon 6G 2024 price is €632 Euro in Europe and around $699 USD in the USA.

Based on different countries prices are given below:

  • Nokia Dragon 6G Price in India – 52,999 Indian Rupee
  • Nokia Dragon 6G Price in Australia – 932 Australian Dollar
  • Nokia Dragon 6G Price in Euro – 632 European
  • Nokia Dragon 6G Price in Singapore – 948 Singapore Dollars
  • Nokia Dragon 6G Price in Turkey – 10,265 Turkish lira
  • Nokia Dragon 6G Price in Canada – 875 Canadian Dollars
  • Nokia Dragon 6G Price in the United Kingdom – 533 Pound Sterling
  • Nokia Dragon 6G Price in Bangladesh – 59,000 Bangladeshi Taka
  • Nokia Dragon 6G Price in Pakistan – 1,29,000 Pakistani Rupee
  • Nokia Dragon 6G Price in Nigerian – 2,90,000 Nigerian Naira

Nokia Dragon 2024 Release Date:

It’s hard to know when it will actually be released, it’s expected to hit the market on daylight by early this year, 2024, promising to be a game-changer in the smartphone landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • What is the price of Nokia Dragon 6G?

Ans: Nokia Dragon 6G smartphones expected price is 52,999 Rs In India.

  • Does it support 6G?

Ans: Yes, This flagship smartphone will support 6G.

  • Which platform Nokia Dragon 6G will run?

Ans: This amazing smartphone will run on Android v15.

  • What is the release date of Nokia Dragon 6G?

Ans: Nokia Dragon 6G will be release early this year, 2024.

In conclusion,

Whenever a new phone comes from Nokia, people become so curious to see the latest updates, if you want to find out more about New Nokia Dragon 2024 smartphone, you can leave a comment below. and we will give an answer as soon as possible. We will also notify you when the mobile device is available for purchase.


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