Nokia Maze Pro Lite 2022 Release Date, Price, Specs Leaks!

Nokia Maze Pro Lite 2022 Price, Full Specs, Release Date, News Leaks! Hello, are you a Nokia lover, waiting for its upcoming new beast? This new flagship Nokia Maze Pro Lite 5G is the next generation of smartphone technology. It is packed with an 8500mAh battery, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 processor, and 12GB RAM. This phone is the perfect combination of power and efficiency. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line device, look no further than the Maze Pro Lite 5G.

As a Nokia fan, you should be excited about this new flagship smartphone. Are you looking for more information on the Nokia Maze Pro Lite Full Specs, Price, Release Date, Key Features, and FAQ? So, stay in touch with us for the most up-to-date information on the phone.

Nokia Maze Pro Lite Specs:

In this part, we cover every characteristic of the Nokia Maze Pro Lite. We have gathered all the information you need on this mobile below. To learn more, keep scrolling down.


Nokia has included numerous exciting features in this model that each user desires. First of all, it has four brand new colors and they are Mocha Brown, Black, Champagne Gold, and Pink Gold. In this device you will find a sixteen million color display, and it is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 7. Need to know about the display? Then, keep reading.

The phone boasts a 6.9-inch Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1440 by 3200 pixels. In the Display section, you will find the “Always-on display” option that will be beneficial for you.


Let’s talk about in detail the design of the smartphone’s camera. Mobile users tend to prefer smartphones with good cameras, and for that, the mobile phone comes equipped with good quality. The Nokia Maze Pro Lite has a “Quad 108MP, 32MP, 16MP, and 5MP camera,” which has a large main sensor.

Are you considering a self-portrait camera for this mobile device? For taking Selfies, it has a single 50MP Camera. It has a dual Nano sim slot that allows the users to use 2 Sim cards at a time.


Smartphone users are always looking for new, cool features. One of the latest is quick charging. That’s why New phone has a huge battery built into the device. It holds 7,900 mAh of power. And it’s quick charging 45W compatible, meaning you can get hours of power with just minutes of charge.


The Nokia Maze Pro Lite phone offers a lot of storage, so you can store all your favorite music, videos, and photos on the device. This monstrous has 8/12 GB of RAM and 128/256 GB of ROM to ensure that your device is powerful enough to run apps efficiently for extended periods of time (using a micro SD card up to 1TB).


How about the platform it uses the Snapdragon 898 chipset, which makes it much faster than before. It also comes with Android 13, which is powered by Artificial Intelligence. In addition, it also comes with a fingerprint sensor, Face ID, accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, and barometer.

Nokia Maze Pro Lite 5G Release date:

According to some specific predictions, this Model has not been released on the market yet. However, it has been projected to have an early release date over the coming months. Nokia Maze Pro Lite is expected to release in December of 2022 or at the beginning of next year.

Nokia Maze Pro Lite 2022 Price:

You can’t say the price for this Nokia Maze Pro Lite phone at the moment. This handset hasn’t gone on sale yet. Somewhere, we wrote the price of this handset. That’s not its official cost.

This is the estimate for the cost on the basis of this handset’s characteristics. So the Nokia Maze Pro Lite 2022 price will be more than 400 USD (United States Dollar) ~ 31,999 INR (Indian Rupee), but not exactly that.

Here, cost in different areas:

  • Nokia Maze Pro Lite Price in Price in United Kingdom 329 Pound Sterling
  • Nokia Maze Pro Lite Price in United Arab Emirates 1,469 Emirati Dirham
  • Nokia Maze Pro Lite Price in Bangladesh 37,999 Bangladeshi Taka
  • Nokia Maze Pro Lite Price in Pakistan 87,999 Pakistani Rupee
  • Nokia Maze Pro Lite Price in South Africa 6,467 South African Rand
  • Nokia Maze Pro Lite Price in Saudi Arabia 1,502 Saudi Riyal
  • Nokia Maze Pro Lite Price in Turkey 7,174 Turkish lira
  • Nokia Maze Pro Lite Price in Philippines 22,290 Philippine Peso
  • Nokia Maze Pro Lite Price in Malaysia 1,777 Malaysian Ringgit
  • Nokia Maze Pro Lite Price in Indonesia 58,64,600 Indonesian Rupiah
  • Nokia Maze Pro Lite Price in Singapore 548 Singapore Dollar
  • Nokia Maze Pro Lite Price in Nigeria 1,67,688 Nigerian Naira
  • Nokia Maze Pro Lite Price in Netherlands 720 Netherlands Antillean Guilder
  • Nokia Maze Pro Lite Price in Australia 561 Australian Dollar
  • Nokia Maze Pro Lite Price in Euro 389 European
  • Nokia Maze Pro Lite Price in Canada 511 Canadian Dollar
  • Nokia Maze Pro Lite Price in China 2,697 Chinese Yuan

So, what are your thoughts on this new smartphone? Feel free to share your experiences answering any questions in the comments below. Thanks for being a loyal Nokia Maze Pro Lite lover.


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