Nokia Swan Ultra 5G 2022: Price, Specs, Price & Release Date!

Nokia Swan Ultra

Nokia Swan Ultra 5G 2022: Price, Full Specs, Release Date, News, Review! Nokia’s global brand became well-known for its latest technology and high-quality mobile phones. So, they have so many customers. Nokia never compromises its quality. They manufacture every mobile with the best quality. Korean multinational company Nokia just announced to launch the biggest smartphone of this year so far. However, the brand didn’t reveal any specs or features of this Nokia Swan Ultra 5G 2022. It has recently been leaked that it will have long battery life and a crisp display. To know how valuable it can be, stay with us till the end and find out whether it is the one you were looking for.

Nokia Swan Ultra 5G 2022 Specs:

According to the latest news, Nokia Swan Ultra, is a truly revolutionary smartphone. It has a 7.1-inch Super AMOLED display, 5G network connection, 12GB of RAM, and a 144MP camera. It has a 7300mAh battery. Therefore, without further to do, let’s begin with the display.


In the display section, Nokia Swan Ultra 5G, 2022 will have a large 7.1-inch touch screen. The display will be a Super AMOLED screen. The resolution will be 4K and it will have Gorilla Glass 7 for protection. There are no clues yet about the colors that this flagship will be available in, but I expect Nokia to offer it in beautiful colors as it did before.


As time progressed a camera is a must-have for capturing candid moments. It has a four-layer sensor to take perfect, clear photos. The back camera has four layers: quad 144MP + 32MP + 16MP + 5MP. When it comes to the front camera, the camera has a dual 64 MP + 12 MP, for taking selfies and video calls.


Here comes the big thing. After a long time this new Nokia flagship phone will have a huge 7300mAh battery. It will support fast 65W charging. fully charged, it can run for almost 1.5 days. This is often loved by game lovers and internet users. Isn’t it amazing?


In addition the phone we’re discussing is an updated flagship with a lot of features. It will have a 12GB RAM and 256/512GB ROM, and another slot to add extra storage. If that’s not enough for you, you can easily expand it. Meanwhile this new phone has the Snapdragon 898 5G chip.

More Info:

On the other hand Nokia Swan Ultra 5G, comes with an Android 12 version. The Nokia Swan Ultra 5G, has new security features that you need for your mobile phone. It has a fingerprint scanner that is invisible under the display and a new Face ID locking system, etc are also added as well.

Nokia Swan Ultra 5G 2022 Price:

As for the cost, the price of this new flagship hasn’t been confirmed by Nokia but, we have a rumored price. As per the source, this phone won’t be listed among the affordable phones. It will be a medium-priced smartphone by the Nokia brand.

This Nokia Swan Ultra 5G 2022, Price is 770 USD (United States Dollar) ~ 59200 INR (Indian Rupee).

625 GBP (British Pound Sterling)

1090 AUD (Australian Dollar)

2830 AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham)

2890 SAR (Saudi Riyal)

1070 SGD (Singapore Dollar)

3365 MYR (Malaysian Ringgit)

51250 RUB (Russian Ruble)

320500 (NGN) Nigerian Naira

730 EUR.

Nokia Swan Ultra 5G 2022 Release date:

Apparently, the official release date of the Nokia Swan Ultra 5G 2022 remains uncertain, but the expected Nokia Swan Ultra 5G 2022 release date is 19th October 2022. This news is not 100% accurate and the release date could be pushed back.

I would definitely recommend this phone to anyone who is looking for an affordable alternative to the top-of-the-line models. So, if you like it go for it. Otherwise, you may lose the chance of getting a stunning handset.

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