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Tesla Phone iOS 16 2023: Release Date, Price, Feature & Specs

Tesla Phone iOS 16 2023

Tesla Phone iOS 16 2023: Key Futures, Price, Release Date & Specs! In the Tesla App now supporting iOS 16 Screen Lock Widgets. Tesla began pushing out an upgrade for its mobile software on Friday night according to Tesla North. So, which adds support to Lock Screen gadgets on iOS 16. Earlier this year, as part of the significant lock screen overhaul in iOS 16, Apple added Lock Screen gadgets to the iPhone. Currently, the ios home screen can support three “inline” widgets in the form of bars above the clock, four small square widgets, or two bigger rectangular widgets underneath the clock.

The very first screen lock widget from Tesla for iOS displays your car’s current battery status (or possible range) as well as whether or not it’s charging. It comes in both small and large sizes for Lock Screen widgets. The smaller widget simply provides a graphical depiction of the battery percentage; the larger widgets display the percentage in quantitative form. Read More – Tesla Model Pi Concept Phone 5G

Simply follow these steps to apply the latest Tesla Screen Lock widget on your iPhone operating iOS 16 2023:

On your lock screen, press and hold a blank space.

Select “Personalize.”

On the widget area, tap.

Drag the desired Tesla widget onto your screen after choosing it in the pop-up window.

If you want additional Tesla widgets on our iOS 16 lock screen install the Tessie app right away. The most recent version of Tesla’s mobile app also adds a new function that enables customers to easily open the driver’s side door of their Model 3 or Model Y electronically, without touching the car itself, in addition to the Screen Lock widget for iOS 16 as well as later. This might be especially useful if your doorknob freezes during the winter.

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