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2024 Windows 12.1 ISO File Download 64 Bit & Features!

2024 Windows 12.1 ISO File Download 64 Bit & Features Introducing the Windows 12.1 IOS Beta operating system, which promises to redefine the operating system experience. In the market as soon as officially released to be Windows 12. Avaliable to Windows 11 in the local market right now. We know that there have been a lot of talks online about the lite version of Windows 12.1 IOS for quite some time now. Microsoft authority recently announced that it will deliver an important message on September 24.

Windows Official available leak news, the new operating system will be able to update seamlessly for the user. This will greatly simplify the process of installing updates since it does not require spending money. But as for the price of a license, this will Cost $200 USD in the USA. It is basically releasing Windows 12 to compete with Apple Mac with game-changing features.

File Name Windows 12.1
Platform 64/32Bit
Developed by Microsoft
License Trialware
Version 12 Pro
Size 5.56GB
Language English

Download Windows 11 via Media Creation Tool with USB. Some news has been leaked on various news portals and Twitter which is truly a game-changer. Maybe you are so excited to Download a Windows 12.1 IOS File. Now go to the below & read this post till the end.

Windows 12.1 ISO 2024 Download 64/32 bit:

Windows 12 iso file download is not difficult anymore. You just go to Google and type “Windows 12 ISO Download” enter press and then you will get the Windows 12 downloading file on your pc or laptop. Download the Windows 12 new update to upgrade the version of your pc. now availed for everyone from Microsoft’s official website.

Microsoft Win 12.1 2024 Features:

  1. Win 12 Lite 2022
  2. 12 Pro 2022
  3. Windows 12 Education Edition 2024
  4. Windows 12 Home Edition 2024
  5. Then it is Windows 12 Home Edition N
  6. Windows 12 Home Edition Single Language
  7. Windows 11 Education Edition N
  8. Then Windows 12 Professional Edition
  9. 11 Professional “Edition N”
  10. Also, Windows 12 Professional Education Edition
  11. Windows 12 Education Professional Edition N
  12. Windows 12 Workstation Edition

2024 Windows 12.1 ISO File Download

How to Free Download & Install Win 12.1 ISO File 2024?

If you use the Windows previous version to download it, you just need to go to Windows Update. For this, you first need to go to your Windows Start logo and select. Then find and tap the Settings option. Here all your Windows settings will be displayed. Now you have your displayed settings go to Update & Security and select. And, Click on Download under Update & Security.

Start>Settings> Updates & Security> Windows Update> Check for Updates.

2024 Windows 12.1 ISO Release Date:

Now we will talk about the release date of this 2024 Windows 12.1 ISO. This operating system has not come to the market yet. However, we have received some predictions about when this operating system will arrive on the market.

According to our special sources, Windows 12 is rumored to be announced in the near future (2024), with Microsoft and others already hinting at some of the new features we can expect.

Finally, are you want to 2024 Windows 12.1 ISO File Download 64 Bit full Concepts? If you think this information is helpful, then share it with your friends. If you have any questions, then comment below with your question. We will reply as soon as possible.

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